About Us

Igniting Ideation to Fruition

We empower entrepreneurs with comprehensive technical trainings and invaluable ecosystem connections, propelling their ventures towards new heights of success.

In funding from the Economic Development Administration.
Industry, government, academic, venture, and business support partners.
Founders and small businesses owners to be trained and supported.
24 mth
Initial program duration delivering ecosystem building that extends far beyond.
Our Core

Intersectional Innovation

InnovateDMV recognizes the power of diverse perspectives and experiences in driving transformative solutions. By fostering a program culture that honors inclusion and equity, we strive to create support services that cater to the unique needs of the community, ensuring our support services positively impact the lives of a wide range of individuals.

Entrepreneurial ventures fueled by innovative ideas, driven by passion, and poised for rapid growth in a ever-changing business landscape
Small Businesses
Nimble enterprises deeply rooted in their local communities, driven by the dedication of their owners to provide exceptional products and services
About us

Fueling growth
in DC & VA

InnovateDMV unites industry, government, academic, venture, and business support partners in a powerful consortium.

Our mission is to empower diverse startups and small businesses in opportunity zones through targeted high-tech skills development assistance.

Backed by a $1.9 million grant from US Department of Commerce's Economic Development Administration, InnovateDMV is set to drive intersectional innovation and success in the region.


What we believe in

Our values reflect our unwavering commitment to delivering exceptional support, fostering intersectional innovation, and having a meaningful impact on the DMV entrepreneurial ecosystem.


Empowering startups and small businesses with the knowledge, resources, and mentorship to overcome challenges and succeed.


Encouraging and fostering innovative thinking and disruptive ideas that drive growth and progress.


Leading with diversity and creating an inclusive environment that welcomes entrepreneurs from all backgrounds.

Community Building

Creating a supportive and nurturing community where startups and small businesses can network, learn, and thrive.


Operating with honesty, transparency, and ethical practices in all interactions with startups and stakeholders.

Impactful Support

Focusing on delivering tangible, measurable results and providing transformational assistance to startups and small businesses.